Monday, March 30, 2009

Yellow House, March

Yellow House, March
11x14, acrylics on canvas

I was hoping for a nice weekend so I could go out with my Canon SX-10 and get some nice shots. Alas, the weatherman lied. Saturday, which should have been sunny and in the high fifties, was cold and raw and gloomy. Sunday was even worse. I went out anyway, cruising the back roads in search of something to paint. I'm not even sure where this house was; somewhere on Route 105 or 220 between Camden and Washington. In other words, out in the the boonies. It's beautiful country, lots of old farmhouses and fields. In better weather, I'm going back. I got almost no shots coming back from Camden because it was raining, and it's nearly impossible to shoot through the windshield with the wipers on. In Appleton, I saw a big flock of turkeys, and stopped to take a few shots, but they came out blurry because of the rain and the wipers. They used to be nearly extinct here in Maine, but in the last twenty years, the wild turkey population in Maine has skyrocketed. Now they're everywhere. I've even seen them in my driveway, and I live almost across the street from Barnes & Noble. On the other hand, we also have woodchucks, foxes, deer, and a wide assortment of birds, so I guess the turkeys were inevitable.


Debra said...

Looks good! I like the reflections in the street. (I hope it is just water and not ice!)

Painting the Light said...

Yep, just water. The weather here has been dismal, and I've been trying to get decent photos with the new camera. Not too promising, I'm afraid...