Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hard Drive Update

There's good news and good news. The good news is that my awesome former son-in-law, Rob, has managed to save my 40,000 photos and god-knows-how-many mp3 files. The other good news is that I bought a 500 gig hard drive for $99 at Best Buy, and Rob is going to install it and get the computer back up and running. Do I need to mention that he's my hero?

Now that I've spent all my spare time dealing with computer issues, looks like I should probably get back to painting....


Debra said...

That is great news!!!

Painting the Light said...

Yep, it is. I got the 'puter back last night, and it's going to take a little tweaking to get it all set back up the way I had it before (the display fonts and icons on the desktop took some time to get right), but it's working, my iTunes music is all there (and I already reloaded iTunes and got it up and running), my photos (all 40,000+...Rob thought I was exaggerating until he started removing them from my dead drive to his) appear to be there, and this morning I found my book manuscript files all nice and safe, so I'm happy. Things are jumbled, but with time and attention, I'll have it all organized. Oh, and while I'm at work this morning, the computer is sitting at home running a backup to my external drive. I am taking NO chances!

Did I mention that Rob is The Man?