Friday, March 6, 2009

Painting in Progress

Working Title: Winter, Bridge Street
12x12, acrylics on canvas

This is what's on my easel right now. Bridge Street on a winter afternoon, looking toward the intersection with busy State Street. This street marks the border of Augusta's historic district, not far from where I used to live. Years ago, when my son was in junior high school, one of his friends lived in the house with the sunporch. It was light green then, but it was painted white a few years ago.

I was up until 11:00 last night, working on this. Urgh. Now I have to work all day, then drive sixty miles each way to have dinner with my daughter. By the time I get home, I'll be half-dead. Thank God tomorrow is Saturday. Of course, I'll be up at the crack of dawn anyway, because I'll want to get back to this painting.

It's coming along nicely. I still need to add the trees and the power lines, and do a little bit of detail work here and there. But I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favorites. It's just flooded with light!

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