Thursday, April 10, 2008

Late Afternoon, Baxter Boulevard

Late Afternoon, Baxter Boulevard
9 x 12, acrylic on paper

Not a serious painting. I did this for fun tonight after work. Another experiment. I liked the way the red underpainting came out in the Tobey Street painting, so I decided to use it again with this one. I took this photo while waiting for a red light one afternoon back in November, when the skies were wild and just starting to clear after a storm. I've been wanting to paint it ever since. I took artistic license with the colors; the day was dramatic, but the colors ran more to gunmetal gray and deep purples than the reds and lively purples you see here. I livened it up a great deal. I particularly like the way the sky turned out, and the city of Portland on the other side of the water. I'd like someday to paint a panoramic view of the Portland skyline from Baxter Boulevard.

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