Saturday, April 26, 2008

Autumn Morning on the Hill

Autumn Morning on the Hill
11 x 14, acrylic on canvas

Another one I painted sometime in the last couple of months. Early morning in October on the backside of Sand Hill with the sun barely risen over the Kennebec. I love Sand Hill, with its old houses and the way the morning light streams across the river to light their faces.

Newsflash: I just sold two paintings to a lovely gentleman from the greater Washington, DC area. What a nice boost to my morale, after trying to sell prints on eBay and basically giving them away. He saw my prints and wrote to ask if I would sell any of my originals. Of course, I said yes. But for me, it's a little like giving away your children. I quickly become attached to my paintings and hate to part with them. On the other hand, a) money is nice, b) I want to share them with the world, and c) I've run out of wall space to hang them at home.

Went to A.C. Moore this morning and bought a couple of small gallery-wrap canvases. I haven't worked with them before, mostly because they're so expensive, but our local A.C. Moore store, which just opened a couple of months ago, keeps giving me these 50% off coupons. They're good for a particular day only, which gets me off my butt and into the store every Saturday. I painted the edges of my most recent painting, Across the Kennebec, and I really liked the result, so I think working with the broad edges of the gallery wraps will be fun.

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