Thursday, September 11, 2008


16x20, acrylics on canvas

One rainy Saturday in early April, I took one of my infamous drives with camera in hand. In spite of the dismal day, I managed to get a few good shots that I later turned into paintings. As I was driving east on Route 105, coming into Appleton, I happened across this majestic and dignified old tree standing sentinel over a winter-yellowed grassy field. I was struck by its solidity and by its solitude, so I took a few photos of it. This painting came directly from one of those photos.

INTERESTING SIDE NOTE (well, it interests ME, anyway): One sunny day this summer, as I was out boonie-cruising once again with my camera, I turned onto Route 105 headed west, and saw the most amazing tree standing alone on the left side of the road. It wasn't until after I'd taken a photo of it that I realized it was the same tree, viewed from the opposite direction, and in its full summertime leafy glory. Who knows? Maybe one of these days, I'll resurrect that photo (It's somewhere in the more than 12,000 photos on my computer) and paint it in summer sunshine.

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