Thursday, December 4, 2008

Still Alive

David and Samantha (mostly David)
watching TV. I stole this from my
daughter-in-law's MySpace page.

After a two-month hiatus from painting, primarily because I've been having wicked trouble with my left arm and shoulder (a direct result of raising my arm to paint), I finally finished a new painting yesterday. Alas, I can't post it here yet because it was a commissioned house portrait and is a Christmas present, and with my luck, the minute I posted it, somebody would call the homeowner and say, "I just saw a painting of your house online!" So I won't be posting it until after the New Year. Meanwhile, I'm going to try to get a few smaller works done to list on eBay and in my Etsy store. Sales have been very slow lately. Some of that I attribute to the economy. Some of it I believe is because I haven't been posting new work. People get tired of looking at the same old same old. I did sell one of my older paintings this week, though, titled WINTER SUNSET. There's a story behind it. I painted it in either late '98 or early '99. My mother was living in a nursing home at the time, and she asked me for a winter scene to hang on her wall. I gave her WINTER SUNSET, and it hung there for the last year of her life. After she died, I brought it back home and hung it in my house, where it's been ever since. But I've painted so many new works in the last year and a half that I ran out of wall space, so I decided to let the winter scene go. It was purchased by a lady who plans to give it to her sister for a Christmas present, and I hope its new owner will appreciate it as much as my mother and I did. Meanwhile, stay tuned. There WILL be new paintings posted soon. I'd much rather paint than go Christmas shopping....

ca. 1999

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Debra said...


Good to see you back again! I hope your arm and shoulder improve. Smaller paintings sounds like a good idea, especially if it means you can start painting again.