Saturday, June 5, 2010


10x20, acrylics on gallery wrap canvas

My latest. More of my obsession with sunsets. In this painting, the house is real; the setting is imaginary. For years, I've driven past this farm on the Maine Turnpike and have wanted to paint it. Getting a decent photo is a real challenge as I whiz past at highway speed. I love all those lovely geometric shapes, all those angles and the pattern of light and shadow that falls on them at certain times of day. In the real world, the background is a wall of trees. But because I wanted to accentuate the colors of the sunset sky, I decided this would be a winter scene with just a few trees scattered here and there. I think the effect works. The colors of the photo aren't exactly right. I cannot seem to capture the softness of the pinks with my digital camera. They come out looking slightly harsh and orangey, no matter how much editing I do. In real life, they're a much sweeter hue. Unfortunately, technology has its limitations.

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