Tuesday, July 15, 2008


16x20, acrylics on canvas

I painted this a few months ago and for some reason didn't like it, so I set it aside and didn't even look at it for a very long time. Recently, I pulled it out and defined the problem areas: the sky was too warm, the shadows weren't blue enough, and the grass was way, WAY too green. So I changed the colors and values without altering the composition of the painting. The improvement, to my eyes at least, was vast. Suddenly, I liked this painting I thought I hated. It's amazing what a few value and color changes can do to a piece.

So I took a couple of photos, posted it to Etsy, and last night it sold. This proves to me that no painting is hopeless. Even if you think it's finished, even if you think you don't really like it, sometimes you just need to let it simmer for a while before you go back and make the necessary changes so that suddenly that hated painting becomes a favorite.

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