Monday, June 30, 2008

High Noon

High Noon
12x24, acrylic on canvas

Just finished this one, from a photo taken at midday on Lincoln Street in Lewiston. I've painted these houses before, but in winter, and from a different angle. I'm fascinated by the way they snuggle up close together, and I find the repetition of the roof lines visually appealing. I really enjoy doing these half-house paintings, and the narrow rectangular format is fun to work with. I did something a little bit different with this one. I wrapped the painting around three sides (left, right, and top), but painted the bottom edge the same blue I used for the shadows. It won't need to be framed, and as I'm all for saving money, I appreciate that. Framing is very expensive, and the wraparound paintings give me (or a potential buyer) the option of not having to go to the expense of framing it.

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